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Mojo's EDC - An Overview

As a follow up to an earlier post (in which I am riding about town practically naked) I decided to outline the gear I like to have with me when riding under NORMAL circumstances.  As it turns out, the more research I did for the piece, the more I discovered that the practice of having a set kit you keep with you every day is so common it even has an abbreviation all of it’s very own!



As a rule, I don’t spend cash on anything other than food without thoroughly researching my purchase first.  This tendency toward the thorough lead me to find a video rant by somebody who had acquired one of these authentic Zippo original pouches and got savagely burned in the process.  Fortunately, this tipped me off and enabled me to modify my new pouch before it even touched my Zippo.

Now, please understand, I’m not slagging off Zippo products here!  I STILL believe that there is no superior pouch on the market, but there are one or two (two, it’s two exactly actually) design flaws which would be deal breakers were they not so easy to remedy.


In a bid to win some schweet ass tickets to the Cape Town Bike Festival, I decided to ride over 40 kilometers on a freezing cold Cape Town winter morning from my home to the Greenpoint Stadium (Where the event will be held).  Oh, and did I mention that I would do it in not much more than a helmet and underpants?

I got my boet Beast to film the thing from the back of his bakkie whilst Joe “Die Ou” Muller drove the vehicle (like a madman away from the cops… shot!)  Post in the form of an edit, grade and final mix was done at my workplace, The Waterfront Studios, by some very talented mates of mine.

This is the funkified, ready for viral edit and mix which the CTBF used to launch their photo & video submissions competition!!!  I will be uploading the full, unedited (and PHARKING boring) ride shortly… as evidence that this is no hoax.

By the way, I did indeed win those tickets and I will be partying up a storm come December!

Take it easy and keep it sleazy!