This game is basically a virus designed to ad-bomb your senses into submission until you buy some retardedly overpriced “children’s game”… Or, failing that it outright tries to fuck you out of your hard earned dosh by ambushing you with sneaky messages to confirm your “purchase” without it being necessary for you actually having to click on anything to request any purchase in the first place!

This is the app icon you want to avoid


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Are You Ready For This?

Posted: 14/09/2013 in General Blogging

Well, well… Well!

It has indeed been a most lengthy period since last I posted anything. However, I’m back in the saddle and about a thousand percent more efficient now that I have my trusty 4th gen iPad 😉

Now I don’t mean to be all “douchey” about it, but excitement is high as it’s my first iDevice and I never realized how much I was missing one until I finally got one 😋

“What is this idiot ranting on about and what does it mean to me?” I may hear you asking… Well dear reader, it means that this particular eejit is going to be up your nose like bad cocaine again! You can expect many more updates to my 360 control scheme section as well as the addition of a new “Guerrilla Gaming On The Go” category featuring reviews and general posts in which I will be focusing on mobile gaming and devices (I would hope for obvious reasons… Unless YOU’re the eejit 😉)

So watch this space closely, for I am already fervently working and tap, tap, tapping away on some juicy new postings, the first of which will be a series covering the good, the bad and the ugly of iPad gaming.

Much love and respect ya’all’ and thank you for showing enough interest in my humble blog to inspire me to give it another go.

Take it easy, and keep it sleazy!

Mojo's EDC - An Overview

As a follow up to an earlier post (in which I am riding about town practically naked) I decided to outline the gear I like to have with me when riding under NORMAL circumstances.  As it turns out, the more research I did for the piece, the more I discovered that the practice of having a set kit you keep with you every day is so common it even has an abbreviation all of it’s very own!

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As a rule, I don’t spend cash on anything other than food without thoroughly researching my purchase first.  This tendency toward the thorough lead me to find a video rant by somebody who had acquired one of these authentic Zippo original pouches and got savagely burned in the process.  Fortunately, this tipped me off and enabled me to modify my new pouch before it even touched my Zippo.

Now, please understand, I’m not slagging off Zippo products here!  I STILL believe that there is no superior pouch on the market, but there are one or two (two, it’s two exactly actually) design flaws which would be deal breakers were they not so easy to remedy.

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In a bid to win some schweet ass tickets to the Cape Town Bike Festival, I decided to ride over 40 kilometers on a freezing cold Cape Town winter morning from my home to the Greenpoint Stadium (Where the event will be held).  Oh, and did I mention that I would do it in not much more than a helmet and underpants?

I got my boet Beast to film the thing from the back of his bakkie whilst Joe “Die Ou” Muller drove the vehicle (like a madman away from the cops… shot!)  Post in the form of an edit, grade and final mix was done at my workplace, The Waterfront Studios, by some very talented mates of mine.

This is the funkified, ready for viral edit and mix which the CTBF used to launch their photo & video submissions competition!!!  I will be uploading the full, unedited (and PHARKING boring) ride shortly… as evidence that this is no hoax.

By the way, I did indeed win those tickets and I will be partying up a storm come December!

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I have to make a move.  Not in a metaphorical, paradigm shifting, transcendental sort of way… just plain and simple terrestrial moving that involves a lot of boxes and packaging tape and swearing and stressing.

One of the upsides to moving (other than the eventual arrival at a study designed just for little ol’ me) is that I get to go through all our family’s collective “old shit” with an eye on repacking and scaling down for the move.  Now, whilst this may sound like a chore to most folks, and indeed for the most part it IS, most folks don’t keep quite as many toys as I do in storage 😉  Thus, when I first went into our storeroom in an attempt to make sense of the chaos I opted for the “easy” start and began the process by sorting out all my old action figures and various toy-like plasticky things first.

I will never forget one particular day in my youth,  returning home from the store after having successfully convinced my mother that I required several bubble packs of shiny new Micro Machines.  I gleefully ripped them out of their packaging and proceeded to wage wars and run limo services and such for a few minutes before I got bored and wondered outside to do some silly “kid’s shit”.  Whilst I was out, my brother (nine years older) happened to notice the new toys and set about posing them in a grand display, all neatly in rows and artfully arranged.  Upon returning to my room and seeing what my brother had done, my young mind was blown and for the first time I comprehended the joy that could be had purely from appreciating the toys as display pieces.  *Moeieeeeee*

I stopped displaying my older figures when I started my “serious” collection, but I was turned back on to the idea when I visited Asia with my boet a while back.  More than a few of the (totally fucking awesome!) collector’s stores they have over that side have massive displays showcasing the owner’s personal collections.  Many of them had special sections dedicated specifically to vintage figures like G.I. Joes, Thundercats and Ninja Turtles.  I liked the nod to the old and made a mental note to keep MY older stuff in mind when next I was looking at what to put on display.

A few boxes in to the process of sorting out the old toys and I realised the magnitude of the task ahead as #TheWife’s enormous desk slowly but surely got covered from one end to the other with militant miniatures.  Naturally, it wasn’t long before I started fiddling with my stuffs and playing about with various configurations.  I decided not to waste such a great opportunity to get some snaps of my beloved classics, so I worked tirelessly for days (and I do mean DAYS) to get all my figures paired up with the correct accessories and in a standing position.  I did all of this whilst staving off the physical symptoms of a terrible flu and monstrous work fatigue (and the purchase of StarCraft II) but BEHOLD!!! It is done and it… is… good! 😀

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A couple of weeks ago I posted a few pictures of a stand I built for my HTC S710 VOX with some plastic building bits called Asoblock.  Well, I have now replaced that phone with a spunky new BlackBerry Curve 8520 which I am loving so very, very much.  I see why they are sometimes referred to as “CrackBerries”.

Of course, one of the key features of Asoblock is that it can be disassembled and built into various different configurations, and that certainly comes in handy when one gets a new piece of tech with different dimensions to your older device.  Below, for your viewing pleasure, I present you with my Asoblock BlackBerry Curve 8520 Stand MK1.  Technically, this is actually a MK2, but I forgot to take any photos of the first design, so now it is lost in the mists of time… No big loss really, it was a spindly, fiddly affair that was useless for one-handed operation in the dark (something I often do).

This design is incredibly stable as it has a wide and plentiful amount of surface area that sits flush on the desk.  In fact, the two forward “Claw” bits are purely decorative (but I thought they added a certain something).  Aesthetically, I played with the BlackBerry’s width as a sort of theme or general design notion, thus everything spreads out, like a claw or some sort of spider (at least in my diseased brain meats).  One thing that I badly wanted to incorporate into this design after my last attempt with the HTC, was a charging cable of some sort.  I played with a few ideas, but the end result was, without fail, a clunky mess of a thing thanks to the design of the USB and charger cables.  At least the charging port is available and easily accessible due to the design of the BlackBerry, so if you have a charger or USB cable plugged in nearby you can plug it in whilst it sits in the stand without any hassle whatsoever.

How to:

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Just as before, I used only parts from the Asoblock 151K box, although having said that, I did use almost ALL the good bits.

Anyhow y’all, let me know if you’ve tried this build or even just if you think it’s an idea with any merit, I always look forward to feedback of any kind.

Take it easy and keep it sleazy!


… my brother stood clutching a copy of a comic book adaption of his most beloved Star Wars in one hand… and then he reached out with his other hand and took another copy off the shelf and had the foresight to purchase BOTH copies.  That was back in 1978 (the year that Star Wars was released) and it’s how I came about owning one of my most prized possessions and the closest thing I have to a family heirloom.

This is a vintage “graphic novel” based on the first Star Wars movie and let me tell you, it fucking RAWKS!!  Good old boet, nine years my senior and infinitely more wise than I will ever be, decided to purchase a second copy as insurance.  Some years later, at a  point in my life when he deemed me to be not only responsible enough to handle such a priceless article, but also a great enough fan of Star Wars, he passed his second copy on to me.  Just thinking about it now literally brings a tear to my eye.

You see, my boet and I have this funny policy when it comes to “The cool shit”.  Well, not like funny “haha” but funny enough to the “serious” collector.  We have never (between the two of us) purchased anything for it’s possible future financial value.  We get new figures, we unbox them and mess around with them and put them proudly on display.  We get new comics or books, we read them, and so on…  What is the point of collecting radical action figures and awesome comics if you never actually appreciate them the way they were meant to be… OUT of the box, sans packaging, in your hands.  The primary reason for this philosophy, is that we know that we will never sell any of our memorabilia as each piece is far too precious to us purely for the value of the thing and what it represents.

Thus it was that my brother knew, despite my lack of years, that he could trust me to never let go of this spectacular old comic.  Dutifully I have kept it in pristine condition all these years (along with all my other comics and a horde of precious-es) and it only comes out of storage now to be repackaged for another year until we move to our new place (where my study awaits).  It’s a big boy, measuring in at 24 centimetres wide and almost 33 centimetres in height.  It dawned on me today that I really should scan the pages and make it into an eComic so that I can enjoy reading it in the future without hassling about mussing the pages, but sadly it’s dimensions exceed the limits of my scanner.  I will definitely be looking for a bigger scanner to use when it next comes out of storage as it’s probably going to be properly sealed up and displayed in my new study and having a digital copy would be awesome.

Anyhow, I thought I would share a few shots of my prize with you guys.  If there are any Star Wars fans out there who recognise it or have copies and want to kick off a discussion, knock yourselves out because you’re in damn fine company indeed.  In my family, Star Wars is practically a religion! 🙂

Star Wars Comic - Front Cover

Star Wars Comic - Opening Pages

Star Wars Comic - First Page

Right… I got’s to get some more StarCraft II in now, so I’m putting this post to bed.

Take it easy and keep it sleazy folks.


A few months ago whilst shopping for some supplies for my impending month-long break from work, I came across this excellent stuff at a toy store (supposedly looking for the kiddo) called Asoblock.  The large, geeky looking, 45 your old paedo behind the counter assured me that making and breaking things with the stuff was very therapeutic.  Naturally, I believed him, because what’s not to trust about a grown man who chooses to spend all day in the company of women and children?  My (wonderful) wife suggested I try it, so we bought a box of the intriguing black plastic bits and, once we had returned home, I proceeded to make a variety of death-dealing robots and robot dogs and robot guns and… well, you get the idea.

Of course, I am actually an adult, and therefore do not have MUCH use for a stable of killer robits, but I was honestly surprised to find that I actually did find the experience intensely therapeutic, as the Michael Moore look-a-like had said I would… disturbing.  Not since my childhood days spent fiddling with Technic Lego had I found such a sense of Zen-like calm and focus.  Over the next few days I found myself constantly fussing with the bits and discovering new ways of making the structures work in different ways and eventually, I turned my mind to what possible practical applications the wonderous Lego-esque bits could be used for.

I surveyed my desk and pondered what items on it proved problematic to see or find, and naturally the first thing that pounced upon my dope addled brain was one word… cellphone!  Now, I have never owned a cellphone cradle or stand of any kind, being the kind of lad who liked to rough it, my phone was always either in my jeans, or next to some ashtray or glass of booze on a side table somewhere.  These days however, I am older and wiser, and have purchased fantastic old antique desks which are huge enough to accommodate myself and the missus’ needs.  So… annoying cellphone, check! Flat surface, check! Asoblock and too much time… double check!  And just like that, my little HTC S710 VOX had a home to call its very own.  Obviously, the first few iterations of design were critically flawed and for the most part about 80 percent superfluous, but in the end logic and physics prevailed and my HTC Stand MK1 (screen below) was born.

A few days ago, I received my first BlackBerry handset and it’s got me extremely excited.  New phone = new stand, so the old one had to go!  I decided to take some snaps before disassembling so that I could share the design with you, my many, many, loyal readers ;P and thought I might even let LifeHacker know as they have a “DIY” handset category.

This particular design is only really useful if you happen to have an HTC S710 VOX, but I will be posting my design options for the new creation I am making for my brand new baby BB!  Already, it’s leaps and bounds ahead as it’s ACTUALLY a cradle that charge the phone whilst it’s sitting pretty.

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Enjoy the shots, build it if you want, let me know how it turns out and above all… take it easy and keep it sleazy.


Gamerz Fight Back

Posted: 05/08/2010 in Gaming

I saw this news the other day and decided to post it on my blog so that I can look back on it whenever I am having a bad day.  This is pure justice!

Get the original article here…

… and watch the EXCELLENT video here as an alternative.

Gamers of the world, I fucking love you guys man! 😀