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… my brother stood clutching a copy of a comic book adaption of his most beloved Star Wars in one hand… and then he reached out with his other hand and took another copy off the shelf and had the foresight to purchase BOTH copies.  That was back in 1978 (the year that Star Wars was released) and it’s how I came about owning one of my most prized possessions and the closest thing I have to a family heirloom.

This is a vintage “graphic novel” based on the first Star Wars movie and let me tell you, it fucking RAWKS!!  Good old boet, nine years my senior and infinitely more wise than I will ever be, decided to purchase a second copy as insurance.  Some years later, at a  point in my life when he deemed me to be not only responsible enough to handle such a priceless article, but also a great enough fan of Star Wars, he passed his second copy on to me.  Just thinking about it now literally brings a tear to my eye.

You see, my boet and I have this funny policy when it comes to “The cool shit”.  Well, not like funny “haha” but funny enough to the “serious” collector.  We have never (between the two of us) purchased anything for it’s possible future financial value.  We get new figures, we unbox them and mess around with them and put them proudly on display.  We get new comics or books, we read them, and so on…  What is the point of collecting radical action figures and awesome comics if you never actually appreciate them the way they were meant to be… OUT of the box, sans packaging, in your hands.  The primary reason for this philosophy, is that we know that we will never sell any of our memorabilia as each piece is far too precious to us purely for the value of the thing and what it represents.

Thus it was that my brother knew, despite my lack of years, that he could trust me to never let go of this spectacular old comic.  Dutifully I have kept it in pristine condition all these years (along with all my other comics and a horde of precious-es) and it only comes out of storage now to be repackaged for another year until we move to our new place (where my study awaits).  It’s a big boy, measuring in at 24 centimetres wide and almost 33 centimetres in height.  It dawned on me today that I really should scan the pages and make it into an eComic so that I can enjoy reading it in the future without hassling about mussing the pages, but sadly it’s dimensions exceed the limits of my scanner.  I will definitely be looking for a bigger scanner to use when it next comes out of storage as it’s probably going to be properly sealed up and displayed in my new study and having a digital copy would be awesome.

Anyhow, I thought I would share a few shots of my prize with you guys.  If there are any Star Wars fans out there who recognise it or have copies and want to kick off a discussion, knock yourselves out because you’re in damn fine company indeed.  In my family, Star Wars is practically a religion! 🙂

Star Wars Comic - Front Cover

Star Wars Comic - Opening Pages

Star Wars Comic - First Page

Right… I got’s to get some more StarCraft II in now, so I’m putting this post to bed.

Take it easy and keep it sleazy folks.



I used to love reading comics as a kid.  Once I had gotten a little older, and the art form started being taken more seriously, I fell madly in love with comics as an artistic medium and spent a fair amount of my available cash at the time on some books I considered “collector’s pieces” aswell as some I just plain liked to look at and read.

Skip ahead to the current “paperless society” we are all striving so hard towards.  My beloved collection of colourful rarities is now in storage (half and half space concerns and toddler damage) and over and above those books which I did purchase way-back-when, there are a whole host of titles I would have loved to have read but never got the chance to due to import restrictions in my country at the time.  Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I can relive my youth by browsing through all the old pages I loved so much and I can further augment the experience with stories and illustrations only dreamed of as a boy.  “How is this possible!?!” you may be asking, well using the internets and my trusty eComic reader of course… ComicRack FTW!