Two ESSENTIAL Mods for the HD Zippo Pouch

Posted: 20/08/2011 in Biker Madness
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As a rule, I don’t spend cash on anything other than food without thoroughly researching my purchase first.  This tendency toward the thorough lead me to find a video rant by somebody who had acquired one of these authentic Zippo original pouches and got savagely burned in the process.  Fortunately, this tipped me off and enabled me to modify my new pouch before it even touched my Zippo.

Now, please understand, I’m not slagging off Zippo products here!  I STILL believe that there is no superior pouch on the market, but there are one or two (two, it’s two exactly actually) design flaws which would be deal breakers were they not so easy to remedy.

As mentioned in the rant, the first problem is the glaring omission of some sort of protective padding or design on the inside of the pouch where the inner portion of the front clip makes direct contact with any Zippo the naive buyer might be foolish enough to actually place inside the Zippo pouch.  I personally never even noticed this with my last generation of Zippo products, but I was using my lighters daily and as such they were already pretty banged up.  My new lighter, however, is a prized and cherished gift from my family and as such I’d like to keep it pristine, hence… my first recommended mod.

If you don’t want your precious Zippo all scuffed up, you HAVE to patch that shit up!  There are several solutions to this problem which would all work perfectly well, just like good old MacGuyver though you have to work with what you got.  Working in the film industry means I have ready access to black gaffer tape and I found that a square of this cut to size and placed over the offending scratchy bit has yet to yield any negative results.  Do what you will, but that’s what worked for me.

The second mod addresses an issue which is especially inexcusable as Zippo actually had a working design before and have totally fudged on the current generation of products (in my humble opinion).  The rear mounted leather belt loop clip is the worst thing to happen to Zippo pouch design since that abortion of “functional” pop art, the infamous Z-Clip.  I you value your lighter a little less than a piece of turd under your shoe and would like to get rid of it just as quickly, then don’t bother with… mod the second.

I was going to use trusty Super Glue to secure the rear button clip in place permanently, but my good mate Beast advised me differently and I’m really glad I listened!  Upon hearing of my disgust with the new design and my thoughts on how to remedy it, Beast said “If you’re really sure, then use Pratley’s Steel! That fucker will NEVER open again.”  He was right.

One application of both components of Pratley’s around the inner section of the button, fastened, then placed aside whilst we shot the breeze and twenty minutes later… total and utter Zen-like bliss.  Never again will I fear accidentally detaching the belt loop of my pouch as the result of a seated draw of the lighter.  Naturally, there is a bit more of a process to getting the pouch on my belt now, but I nearly lost it (and the Zippo) twice in the three days I had it before I did this mod so I think it’s justified.  Ignore this one at your own risk.

Anyhow, just some thoughts I wanted to share so that hopefully others too can avoid these potential pitfalls of otherwise great products.

Take it easy and keep it sleazy folks.


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