Well, I’m Mojo Rising and this page contains the mudslide of shite that is on my mind 😀

In a nutshell, that’s really all this site is, but have no fear of endless ramblings on a vast series of banal topics.  The amount of banal topics I am into is not very expansive, however I do tend to lose myself in the few obsessions I DO indulge in.  I love pretty much anything “geek” as I was born in that dark time before the interwebs and DVD’s and such, and thus appreciate tech for the glorious and magical thing that it is.  I also love merchandising (to an extent) thanks to Mr. George Lucas and his Star Wars franchise.  My brother and I started collecting action figures way back when the first Kenner toys started rolling out and, whilst my brother now has the bulk of the Star Wars collection in storage, I have focused more on other select figures over the last few years.

Of course, my love of movie related things stems from my love of movies.  Once again, my brother was instrumental in making sure that I had access to a large collection of videos at home and exposed me to many, many classic movies.  He also encouraged me to have intelligent conversations about things like plot, dialogue, cinematography and special effects which has resulted in me being employed numerous times during the last few years in the film industry. Currently, I work for a leading post-production facility in Cape Town, South Africa, where I am training to be a Bones operator (logging and synching rushes and applying colour correction on the fly) which I fucking LOVE!  I have worked on the processing of rushes for long-form projects now for the last three years and have made more than my share of soft deliverables so the change of pace which comes with operating the finicky bits of the Bones system is certainly refreshing.

When I am not sitting in front of a monitor shrouded by darkness at work, I like to sit in darkness at home in front of my own personal monitor 😀  My primary distraction (when not watching movies or classic TV series) is gaming.  I game across three platforms currently.  My PC was my first love as I custom-built my first rig before I hit my teens and immediately began compiling an archive of games.  In recent years, my eyes were opened to the joys of portable console gaming by my PSP (which fucking rocks if you do anything that requires large amounts of sitting around doing nothing but watching progress bars).  Most recently (about 7 months ago) I realised that if I wanted to play the latest games when they are released, and not a year later, I would have to purchase a console for my home.  I decided on the Xbox 360 and grabbed myself an Elite model about three months ago.  As reluctant as I was to embrace the console and what it represents, I must admit that I now consider it to be my only SERIOUS gaming platform.  The glory of Xbox Live and the thrill of playing against human opponents has not only made me rethink my ideas about the benefits of MP, but also forced me to recant on my vow to “be a software pirate until the day I die”.  Gaming in the third world is certainly not cheap, but I now budget every month to purchase legal copies of games for my console so that I can play online without fear or guilt.

Other than all of the above, I dig smoking doobies and chilling to music.  Of course, because I am an anal retentive bastard by nature, I cannot relax unless all my music is organised correctly and has been through the painstaking process which is my music ingestion workflow.  All tunes must be tagged, renamed and normalised to a specific set of uniform parameters.  Additionally, an album will not exist on my master list if it does not also have album art as both a folder.jpg and embedded within the actual MP3 file at 500×500 pixels along with embedded lyrics.  This love of the fiddling carries over to all of my other software databases and file systems.  I have been known to say that it’s almost as exhausting as a full-time job just keeping track of all my shit 😀

Over and above music, weed, gaming, film, action figures, tech and my job, my attentions are held by my lovely (and very understanding) wife and most wonderous little sprog, but I prefer to keep their existence relatively private as it’s my job to protect them, not to put information about them all over the interwebs 🙂 Besides, this really isn’t a parenting blog.

So, now that you know a little bit about me and my inherent crazies, I hope you will look upon this labour of blogging love with a better perspective and forgive me if I bore you to death with the minutiae of my day-to-day, technologically enhanced, media rich life.

Take it easy and keep it sleazy folks!



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