Capcom Vs…. Who Now What!!??

Posted: 28/07/2010 in Gaming

TEKKEN… that’s who!

Now, as pleased as this announcement makes me, I cannot help but be filled with the creeping dread also.  The only way this would work (at least for me, as a fan of both franchises) is if they keep the Tekken move-set intact, but I don’t see Capcom changing it’s tune from the “half-moon, full circle waltz”.   Another point of consideration is that bringing Tekken into the 2D plane completely destroys at least 30% of the tactical consideration (dodging, grabs and positional attacks), one of the elements which pulled me into Tekken in the first place.

Anyhow, this video was posted on the Jgonzo blog over at Capcom Unity a few days ago (I’ve been ill and on 24 hour daddy detail) and will probably be the last Comic-Con goodness I post about as I am starting to get physically ill every time I think about all the magic and wonderment I am missing out on!

Personally, I am still more excited about Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.



Hear ye! Hear ye! All fans of TRON! Behold the new trailer for the upcoming TRON Legacy that was just released at Comic-Con!

I don’t know about y’all but I loved the original and I am really amped for the new movie.


I used to love reading comics as a kid.  Once I had gotten a little older, and the art form started being taken more seriously, I fell madly in love with comics as an artistic medium and spent a fair amount of my available cash at the time on some books I considered “collector’s pieces” aswell as some I just plain liked to look at and read.

Skip ahead to the current “paperless society” we are all striving so hard towards.  My beloved collection of colourful rarities is now in storage (half and half space concerns and toddler damage) and over and above those books which I did purchase way-back-when, there are a whole host of titles I would have loved to have read but never got the chance to due to import restrictions in my country at the time.  Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I can relive my youth by browsing through all the old pages I loved so much and I can further augment the experience with stories and illustrations only dreamed of as a boy.  “How is this possible!?!” you may be asking, well using the internets and my trusty eComic reader of course… ComicRack FTW!

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For those of you not fortunate enough to attend Comic-Con here is a video to drool over!

For more info head over to the Jgonzo blog at

Sheesh… like I needed more reasons to love my Xbox 🙂

I thought this “Making of” video that Patrick Boivin posted on YouTube as a companion to his EXCELLENT and mindblowingly realistic FX video “AT-AT Day Afternoon” had to be shared with ya’ll.  Personally, I must admit that I was completely fooled by the techniques used, thinking that CGI must have been employed… however, apparently even well-trained eyes can be foxed with uber-skills such as those possessed by the talented Mr. Boivin.

Holy crap!  This guy is amazing!

Whilst I may not be a huge fan of the overly colourful and heavily stylised look of these paintings, the technique and final product are truly breathtaking to behold.  Of course, the subject matter doesn’t hurt either 😀

I wonder what it smells like on the inside?

If you like this masterpiece, you may want to check out the artists other works at in his video gallery. It truly is most impressive.

I feel that I must share this with you guys.

Absolutely brilliant! I am totally blown away by this as both a Star Wars fan and a fan of special effects.


Posted: 15/07/2010 in 360 Controls, Gaming

Well, I have effectively just had the proverbial shite scared out of me!

Quality is very important to me.  It’s one of the reasons I love my job so very much.  “No nonsense” correctness and efficiency is not just important if you want a lengthy career in the film industry, it is essential!  Hence, I have a rigourous QC process which I run through with all my personal configurations and support files also (as it’s good to keep the mind sharp and good habits ingrained).  One of my criteria for determining whether a control scheme has been successfully implemented, is at least one uninterrupted hour of play of the title in question, without needing to switch to Xpadder to reconfigure or tweak anything.  Thus, following my protocol, I have waited and waited for the conditions to be just right for me to properly test my latest DOOM 3 config.

I eventually got my chance tonight as both the wife and sprog are away for the evening, leaving me to await “The Work Call” all by my lonesome.  Lights turned off all throughout the house, I lit up my joint as I fired up DOOM 3 on my machine and prepared to put my control scheme to the test.  On a quick side note, there is a particular school of thought which believes that the smoking of marijuana makes everything better and, to a certain extent, that line of thinking is quite correct.  Not so when it comes to DOOM however!! Trust me on this my cohorts of cyber-gaming and fellow stoners alike, easy on the throttle when it comes to getting baked before a session of “Doom in the Dark”.  Not five minutes had passed before I found myself totally immersed in the experience and ready to wet myself just as soon as the inevitable (impossible) boney hand reached from BEHIND me to grab at my shoulder.  The eery soundtrack and ambient noises literally had me glancing over my shoulder into the blackness of my lounge and my eyes played some pretty fucking nasty tricks on me as I busied myself crouching behind barrels and boxes, nervously checking left and then right into the oppressive darkness on-screen and not being sure whether to have my trusty flashlight out or to just illuminate everything in the gore-tinted blast from my shotgun!

I must say that I am most pleased with the final results of my control setup.  I dumbed down the right analog stick quite a bit in order to make menu navigation a touch easier and a side-effect of this is a kind of sluggish turning which delivers a sense of urgency not unlike that of Resident Evil.  Of course, you can assist any turn with a complimentary sidestep for quickness (circle strafing anyone?) and I found the amount of deadzone on the right stick only added to the panic when confronted with a room full of howling, fire spitting demons.  Now, I’ve said it before and I have no problem going down in history as stating categorically that I think the FPS genre is no place for gamepads.  Much as I love console controllers (and my 360’s in particular), I find them to be no substitute for a trusty mouse/keyboard combo when the highest possible degree of accuracy is required.  However, it seemed to make sense to release a reworked control scheme for DOOM 3 as I am covering the first two installments in other posts and, truth be told, I figured it  might be a good candidate for a gamepad friendly control scheme as it really isn’t a tactical shooter by any means and has the same “arcadey” feel of the first two DOOM titles.  Having said that, I feel compelled to point out that I am aware that almost all console shooters have some kind of aiming assist on by default.  I chose to test this configuration “sans assists” as even though I am a fan of the Xbox (and arcadey things in general), I am still a bit of a purist when it comes to the gaming platform I first came to love.  I leave it to you, the discerning public and console FPS enthusiasts, to report back to me on how you find these controls and whether or not you enable aiming assistance via DOOM 3’s native menus.  My findings, after many hours of testing, are as follows.

I felt that getting headshots was tricky, but not impossible (which is just as it should be IMHO).  Circle strafing is a doddle thanks to the dual analog and weapon selection works well on the D-Pad (as is the way these days).  Vibration feedback on the trigger is ALWAYS a kick, but the tweak I am most proud of is the crouching on left analog click.  DOOM 3 only allows for a simple “hold and release” binding which (to me) is unacceptable, but once again Xpadder came through as it allowed me to put a toggle modifier on the mapping and now all is well.  The trade off is that it is impossible to jump directly from a crouched position, which means thinking ahead a little.  Again, this is not necessarily a bad thing (at least it means no stinking bunny-hopping!).  Ultimately, if you are a hardened FPS fanatic you will probably want to stick with the standard PC setup but if you’re in the mood to just chill on the couch, propped up on one arm so you can relax while you blow the heads of zombie-demons, then by all means, plug in your 360 controller and give my scheme a run.

All things considered, a great hour of gaming was had and I am not ashamed to admit that I found myself shaken, but not disturbed after my session.  Just as when I was a child, after playing hours and hours of DOOM in isolated darkness, I was most grateful when the lights came back up and I found myself back in the relative safety of my armchair.

I have included in this post, a link to a compressed file containing an image with the Xpadder configuration mapped to the controller, the config files needed to recreate this setup for Xpadder (both controller and profile) and the configuration file needed by DOOM 3 to run in a widescreen, 1680×1050 mode.  I came across this resource whilst researching this post and implemented the solutions (r_mode -1 and custom r_mode resolutions) into the config file so that it is ready for use.  Simply copy the DoomConfig.cfg file into the “\base” folder of your DOOM 3 installation.

The control layout for DOOM 3 as mapped to a 360 gamepad

Some tasty links for y’all.

Compressed Config Bundle –

DOOM 3 Tweak Guide –

As always, take it easy and keep it sleazy!



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It goes without saying that the control scheme for DOOM 2 would be identical to that of the first DOOM title as the developers (id Software) didn’t even include so much as a simple freaking jump button!  However, for the sake of consistency (and because I am at heart, a completest) I am putting up this post to give you guys access to my 360 control scheme and configs for DOOM 2 as it runs via DOSBox assisted by Xpadder.

The control layout for DOOM 2 as mapped to a 360 gamepad

The link, as promised…

Compressed Config Bundle –

Take it easy and keep it sleazy!


It was during a recent trip to my local toy shop, looking for a gamepad suitable for my little girl that I came across these awesome Iron Man 2 action figures. In all honesty, what got me to take a second look was the price. At only R40 a pop these figures are a real steal, so I immediately scooped myself the War Machine bubble pack and wandered off to see what goodies the wife had gotten for our sprog. As soon as I got to the checkout, I knew I should have grabbed an Iron Man figure aswell as it just makes sense to have the matching set, but I thought I would just wait (like an adult) and come back some other time.

Of course, I spent the night obsessing (like a child) about the possibility of getting to the toy store the next day only to be confronted by an empty shelf where the tantalising, three-inch wonders previously resided. Thus, when I rose from my slumber this afternoon, I fueled up on some strong coffee, bravely opened my door to the chilly Cape Town day and hastened to the toy store to procure myself an Iron Man figurine to accompany my totally bad ass, mini War Machine.

I had decided on the MK VI based on the shots on the back of the War Machine packaging. When actually confronted, however,  with the genuine articles I decided to bide my time so as to make a calculated decision on which version of the suit to purchase (nobody wants TWO Iron Man figures on their monitor 😛 ). Immediately dismissing the shite looking Tactical Assault Drone, I proceeded to pull every MK III and MK VI off the shelves so that I could compare the paint quality of each individual figure. It was only after I had chosen the best MK III AND the best MK VI, as I stood with one in either hand, that I made my decision. As it turns out, the MK III spoke to my soul more, with it’s slightly bulkier aesthetic and heavier use of gold paint (which I felt brought out the detail in the armour, especially the legs).

After taking a few preliminary pack shots for use on this post, I eagerly removed my “little precious-es” from their plastic confines. Of the two characters, it really is the War Machine which shines! Maybe I prefer the darker, black, grey and sliver colour scheme. Maybe its the shoulder mounted cannon and mini-missile launcher, either way this figure rocks! The Iron Man is not bad at all either and is, in fact, the more articulated of the two, which brings me succinctly to my next point of interest… articulation. Both of these figures have ball-and-socket “hip” joints which (along with the rotation afforded by separate chest and torso articulation) allows for a variety of stances, however, the legs are not hinged at all and thus the knees and ankles are locked into position. Strangely, both Iron Man and War Machine are able to rotate their left shoulders a full 360 degrees, but NOT their right shoulders. This puzzles me, but it’s no biggy as I didn’t expect these figures to be articulated much, if at all. Lastly, as mentioned, the Iron Man figure is additionally capable of swiveling it’s head a few degrees left or right aswell as slightly adjusting it’s pitch. All in all, I was able to pose both figures easily and find myself most pleased with the final results.

These figures are available from Toys ‘R’ Us and, as I mentioned before, they cost a measly fourty bones, which is cheap even by South African standards! One last interesting anecdote for y’all… it just so happens that it was, in fact, the last War Machine which I nabbed, there were a whole bunch of Iron Man figures left (at least, at MY local branch) 😀

The 3" Iron Man MK III and War Machine action figures from Hasbro's Iron Man 2 range.

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Some select shots from the shoot I did for this post highlighting various details.