Zombie Killer 3D Random Flower Puddle

Posted: 14/09/2013 in Guerilla Gaming on the Go
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This game is basically a virus designed to ad-bomb your senses into submission until you buy some retardedly overpriced “children’s game”… Or, failing that it outright tries to fuck you out of your hard earned dosh by ambushing you with sneaky messages to confirm your “purchase” without it being necessary for you actually having to click on anything to request any purchase in the first place!

This is the app icon you want to avoid


Indeed, you should give this annoying pseudo-game a kick in the nads if you ever come across it in some seedy darkened corner of the App Store, but do you know what… It’s actually a crying shame because the core gameplay ain’t bad (despite the graphics being a little iffy) and the controls are solid.

In retrospect, alarm bells should have started going off if I’d have known the full name of this “game”, the issue being that on the home screen it displays as such…


But it all becomes clear when you view the (almost) full name via general settings…


Title Screen… It’s all downhill from here 😩


A little bit of grammar so bad it borders on Engrish


Then it’s on to the main menu. Incidentally each of these pages only has one option you can select without being fleeced for cash… Only one. Finding it is practically a mini-game in it’s own right.


A few on-screen instructions…



Before moving on to some decent gameplay and some godawful visuals


Don’t die though… Or BAM! You get ad bombed.


The one good thing that has come from this experience is that I will now be searching for some kind of similar game that is actually playable without wanting to take a potato peeler to my eyeballs just to stop the annoyance.

Rating: Double thumbs down!


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