An Overview of My Collection – Action Figures

Posted: 08/10/2010 in Action Figures

I have to make a move.  Not in a metaphorical, paradigm shifting, transcendental sort of way… just plain and simple terrestrial moving that involves a lot of boxes and packaging tape and swearing and stressing.

One of the upsides to moving (other than the eventual arrival at a study designed just for little ol’ me) is that I get to go through all our family’s collective “old shit” with an eye on repacking and scaling down for the move.  Now, whilst this may sound like a chore to most folks, and indeed for the most part it IS, most folks don’t keep quite as many toys as I do in storage 😉  Thus, when I first went into our storeroom in an attempt to make sense of the chaos I opted for the “easy” start and began the process by sorting out all my old action figures and various toy-like plasticky things first.

I will never forget one particular day in my youth,  returning home from the store after having successfully convinced my mother that I required several bubble packs of shiny new Micro Machines.  I gleefully ripped them out of their packaging and proceeded to wage wars and run limo services and such for a few minutes before I got bored and wondered outside to do some silly “kid’s shit”.  Whilst I was out, my brother (nine years older) happened to notice the new toys and set about posing them in a grand display, all neatly in rows and artfully arranged.  Upon returning to my room and seeing what my brother had done, my young mind was blown and for the first time I comprehended the joy that could be had purely from appreciating the toys as display pieces.  *Moeieeeeee*

I stopped displaying my older figures when I started my “serious” collection, but I was turned back on to the idea when I visited Asia with my boet a while back.  More than a few of the (totally fucking awesome!) collector’s stores they have over that side have massive displays showcasing the owner’s personal collections.  Many of them had special sections dedicated specifically to vintage figures like G.I. Joes, Thundercats and Ninja Turtles.  I liked the nod to the old and made a mental note to keep MY older stuff in mind when next I was looking at what to put on display.

A few boxes in to the process of sorting out the old toys and I realised the magnitude of the task ahead as #TheWife’s enormous desk slowly but surely got covered from one end to the other with militant miniatures.  Naturally, it wasn’t long before I started fiddling with my stuffs and playing about with various configurations.  I decided not to waste such a great opportunity to get some snaps of my beloved classics, so I worked tirelessly for days (and I do mean DAYS) to get all my figures paired up with the correct accessories and in a standing position.  I did all of this whilst staving off the physical symptoms of a terrible flu and monstrous work fatigue (and the purchase of StarCraft II) but BEHOLD!!! It is done and it… is… good! 😀

I present, for your viewing pleasure, a few snaps of the older part of my collection soon to be on display in my new study.  I plan on having individual photo shoots for each figure, so that I can chronologically catalog all of them for posterity.

Any thoughts? Recognize any figures from your own youth? Let me know, post a comment 🙂

Take it easy and keep it sleazy folks.



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