Desktop Furniture For Your Techy Gadgets

Posted: 20/08/2010 in Desktop Layout

A few months ago whilst shopping for some supplies for my impending month-long break from work, I came across this excellent stuff at a toy store (supposedly looking for the kiddo) called Asoblock.  The large, geeky looking, 45 your old paedo behind the counter assured me that making and breaking things with the stuff was very therapeutic.  Naturally, I believed him, because what’s not to trust about a grown man who chooses to spend all day in the company of women and children?  My (wonderful) wife suggested I try it, so we bought a box of the intriguing black plastic bits and, once we had returned home, I proceeded to make a variety of death-dealing robots and robot dogs and robot guns and… well, you get the idea.

Of course, I am actually an adult, and therefore do not have MUCH use for a stable of killer robits, but I was honestly surprised to find that I actually did find the experience intensely therapeutic, as the Michael Moore look-a-like had said I would… disturbing.  Not since my childhood days spent fiddling with Technic Lego had I found such a sense of Zen-like calm and focus.  Over the next few days I found myself constantly fussing with the bits and discovering new ways of making the structures work in different ways and eventually, I turned my mind to what possible practical applications the wonderous Lego-esque bits could be used for.

I surveyed my desk and pondered what items on it proved problematic to see or find, and naturally the first thing that pounced upon my dope addled brain was one word… cellphone!  Now, I have never owned a cellphone cradle or stand of any kind, being the kind of lad who liked to rough it, my phone was always either in my jeans, or next to some ashtray or glass of booze on a side table somewhere.  These days however, I am older and wiser, and have purchased fantastic old antique desks which are huge enough to accommodate myself and the missus’ needs.  So… annoying cellphone, check! Flat surface, check! Asoblock and too much time… double check!  And just like that, my little HTC S710 VOX had a home to call its very own.  Obviously, the first few iterations of design were critically flawed and for the most part about 80 percent superfluous, but in the end logic and physics prevailed and my HTC Stand MK1 (screen below) was born.

A few days ago, I received my first BlackBerry handset and it’s got me extremely excited.  New phone = new stand, so the old one had to go!  I decided to take some snaps before disassembling so that I could share the design with you, my many, many, loyal readers ;P and thought I might even let LifeHacker know as they have a “DIY” handset category.

This particular design is only really useful if you happen to have an HTC S710 VOX, but I will be posting my design options for the new creation I am making for my brand new baby BB!  Already, it’s leaps and bounds ahead as it’s ACTUALLY a cradle that charge the phone whilst it’s sitting pretty.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy the shots, build it if you want, let me know how it turns out and above all… take it easy and keep it sleazy.



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