New TRON Legacy Trailer From Comic-Con 2010

Posted: 24/07/2010 in Movies

Hear ye! Hear ye! All fans of TRON! Behold the new trailer for the upcoming TRON Legacy that was just released at Comic-Con!

I don’t know about y’all but I loved the original and I am really amped for the new movie.


  1. Stewart says:

    Never saw the original, but this looks very interesting indeed.

    The bassey sound fx in the music definately score some extra bonus points here!!!

    • MojoRisingZA says:

      Wow Stewie! You never saw Tron!??!! Holy shit dude, I will have to hook you up. I have a nice copy of the 20th Anniversary Edition, it’s freaking awesome! Also, I think Daft Punk are the ones responsible for the tunes, they seem to have been involved with Tron stuff quite a bit from what I see floating around the interwebs.

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