Iron Man 2 Action Figures!!!

Posted: 09/07/2010 in Action Figures

It was during a recent trip to my local toy shop, looking for a gamepad suitable for my little girl that I came across these awesome Iron Man 2 action figures. In all honesty, what got me to take a second look was the price. At only R40 a pop these figures are a real steal, so I immediately scooped myself the War Machine bubble pack and wandered off to see what goodies the wife had gotten for our sprog. As soon as I got to the checkout, I knew I should have grabbed an Iron Man figure aswell as it just makes sense to have the matching set, but I thought I would just wait (like an adult) and come back some other time.

Of course, I spent the night obsessing (like a child) about the possibility of getting to the toy store the next day only to be confronted by an empty shelf where the tantalising, three-inch wonders previously resided. Thus, when I rose from my slumber this afternoon, I fueled up on some strong coffee, bravely opened my door to the chilly Cape Town day and hastened to the toy store to procure myself an Iron Man figurine to accompany my totally bad ass, mini War Machine.

I had decided on the MK VI based on the shots on the back of the War Machine packaging. When actually confronted, however,  with the genuine articles I decided to bide my time so as to make a calculated decision on which version of the suit to purchase (nobody wants TWO Iron Man figures on their monitor 😛 ). Immediately dismissing the shite looking Tactical Assault Drone, I proceeded to pull every MK III and MK VI off the shelves so that I could compare the paint quality of each individual figure. It was only after I had chosen the best MK III AND the best MK VI, as I stood with one in either hand, that I made my decision. As it turns out, the MK III spoke to my soul more, with it’s slightly bulkier aesthetic and heavier use of gold paint (which I felt brought out the detail in the armour, especially the legs).

After taking a few preliminary pack shots for use on this post, I eagerly removed my “little precious-es” from their plastic confines. Of the two characters, it really is the War Machine which shines! Maybe I prefer the darker, black, grey and sliver colour scheme. Maybe its the shoulder mounted cannon and mini-missile launcher, either way this figure rocks! The Iron Man is not bad at all either and is, in fact, the more articulated of the two, which brings me succinctly to my next point of interest… articulation. Both of these figures have ball-and-socket “hip” joints which (along with the rotation afforded by separate chest and torso articulation) allows for a variety of stances, however, the legs are not hinged at all and thus the knees and ankles are locked into position. Strangely, both Iron Man and War Machine are able to rotate their left shoulders a full 360 degrees, but NOT their right shoulders. This puzzles me, but it’s no biggy as I didn’t expect these figures to be articulated much, if at all. Lastly, as mentioned, the Iron Man figure is additionally capable of swiveling it’s head a few degrees left or right aswell as slightly adjusting it’s pitch. All in all, I was able to pose both figures easily and find myself most pleased with the final results.

These figures are available from Toys ‘R’ Us and, as I mentioned before, they cost a measly fourty bones, which is cheap even by South African standards! One last interesting anecdote for y’all… it just so happens that it was, in fact, the last War Machine which I nabbed, there were a whole bunch of Iron Man figures left (at least, at MY local branch) 😀

The 3" Iron Man MK III and War Machine action figures from Hasbro's Iron Man 2 range.

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Some select shots from the shoot I did for this post highlighting various details.


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