How Many Gamerscore Points Is This Achievement Worth?

Posted: 30/06/2010 in General Blogging

One of the first things I thought of posting when I was in the process of setting up my blog, was two articles I wrote about eight years ago when I was still a bright-eyed, idealistic young chap.  They are very special to me as they were, and are currently, the only words of mine ever to have been published into print.  Albeit, a local South African gaming magazine, but my FAVOURITE South African gaming magazine! 😀

I pretty much dismissed the notion as total self-service and moved on.  I then told a very good friend of mine about starting up my blog and the first thing he said to me (a little excitedly, or was that just my huge ego?) was that I should publish those New Age Gaming articles again as he really enjoyed them when they were first printed.  Thanks to him, I would like to share with you some writing of mine of which I am most proud, in fact, I have always considered these two publications as somewhat of an achievement as they were both printed word for word as I wrote them, completely unedited.

New Age Gaming, or N.A.G. continues to remain SA’s premiere gaming mag and has the best content on their cover DVD’s (a positive boon in a country where decent bandwidth is still expensive and inaccessible to the large majority of people).  Sadly, after those two articles I went on something of a personal vision quest (read, lazing about finding myself and exploring the underbelly of society) and never wrote for them again.

Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


  1. G'golo says:

    Smokin Blog dude – Very impressed – But not suprised.

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