Setting It Up

Posted: 28/06/2010 in General Blogging

I have decided to document my progress with mapping ancient games to new-school controllers and control schemes.  As a result, I had to figure out some way to record both onscreen video and footage of the controller being used simultaneously so that I could edit the two together.  Fortunately, DOSBox makes this an easy task with it’s built in ZMBV codec, which flawlessly captures beautiful video AND audio with absolutely no impact on game performance. For the controller footage I have setup my Sony DCR-HC26, some lights and some reflective surfaces to try to diffuse said lights.  I did some camera tests this afternoon in preparation for the big event (capturing footage of both X-Wing and Tie-Fighter) and thought I would post some of the photos that were taken in the interim.

The first trial setup. It’s on the wife’s desk as she hijacked my machine for a morning of Facebook 😀


Moved the setup to my desk once the wife had concluded her business in the seedy underworld of Mafia Wars

It quickly became apparent that some sort of light diffusement would be necessary.

A little adjustment of lights and reflectors and all is good, shaping up to look like a plausible setup.

Right!!  All elements seem “good to go”, so now the real work begins… speeding, mark, setup… and… ACTION!!

  1. Stewart says:

    “BRIGHT LIGHT! BRIGHT LIGHT!” ROFL!!!! Fucking brilliant.

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