What to do? What to do?

Posted: 22/06/2010 in General Blogging

Well, at roughly 18 minutes per episode to process my Raccoons AVI’s, and about 18 episodes to process, I am forced to find something relatively non CPU intensive to do with my machine in the interim.  I have just mounted an ISO file of “Biggest Loser Bootcamp” through Daemon Tools and have shared the drive across the network so that my wife (who is very hot, not fat, but wants to stay that way) can try an experimental viewing of it on her netbook via Wi-Fi… interesting times.

I know that I could start up my trusty new Xbox and jam a little on that, but honestly I am enjoying listening to some tunes (Manu Chao – Sibérie M’était Contée) and watching progress bars tick over too much to tune out of my PC right now. So… I have decided to take screenshots of my desktop in various “modes” for your viewing pleasure 😀 (and my historical reference).

But first, myself and the wife need coffee to be made and the next episode of Raccoons needs to be que’d up to process.


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